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Updated: Jun 7

There has been a lot that has changed since we started Northcoast back in 1986. I remember when the fax machine was the latest, greatest technology. ( I still am amazed by it.) The lift gate on box trucks for loading furniture has also been a great advancement that we experienced, as many of my employees would attest!

We have seen some crazy things happen over the years good and bad but nothing even close to this covid-19 pandemic.  

Northcoast will continue to create new and better ways to operate under these times and into the future. We have recently re-opened to the public on Saturdays and our new website and on-line store is off to a tremendous start. 

We will be creative in seeking new ways to bring in new furnishings as much as possible every week. Northcoast looks forward to continue servicing hotels, motels, all of the organizations, non- profits and all of our loyal liquidation customers for many years to come!!

Take care of yourself. 


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