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Green Initiatives in Hospitality: How Furniture Liquidation and Recycling Go Hand-In-Hand

blog describing the concept of sustainable practices in hospitality through furniture liquidation and recycling

Environmental and sustainability practices are becoming the norm in our modern economic landscape. In pretty much any industry you can think of, most companies are implementing green initiatives and eco-conscious decisions in the fight to mitigate climate change. There is a special role that the hospitality industry can contribute, and it's with an often overlooked but highly effective strategy. Recycling and Liquidation go hand-in-hand with large and small hotel chains' green initiatives, and today, we will examine exactly how both of these strategies can be implemented to accomplish your company's eco-friendly goals.

Recycling: Classic Green Initiative

You will have to remove two different types of materials from your hotels regularly: materials that are no longer in a condition that enables them to be used in their current form and materials that can be resold as is and reintroduced into the retail cycle. Materials that are no longer in working condition can be broken down and reintroduced into production for goods in the cycle, so recycling is an eco-friendly option for disposal. Metal, plastic, and glass can be broken down to conserve natural energy and resources. Reducing greenhouse emissions and minimizing pollution are the main objectives, but having robust recycling programs can have additional benefits, like enhancing your hotel's marketability and reputation. By gaining certifications through programs such as Green Key and LEED (Leadership in Environmental Design), your business can claim bragging rights for sustainability.

Liquidation: Push for Sustainability

Let's discuss the materials that can be resold as is and reintroduced into the retail cycle: items for Liquidation. These items are generally either surplus to your hotel's requirements or outdated and need replacing. By choosing the liquidation method to dispose of these items, you reduce waste and significantly decrease your environmental footprint. By extending the lifecycle of these items, you can ensure that if another person or business can use them, they can be, and nothing gets wasted. You're helping the environment, You're helping the community, and you're helping yourself with the tax benefits you can often receive from donating furniture. It's a positive in so many different ways!

Integrating Recycling and Liquidation

You may wonder how you can use both of these strategies to decrease your hotel's environmental impact. Luckily, we have a list of action items you can complete to achieve those goals:

  1. Make an inventory of your assets. Keep track of what items in your hotels are outdated or underutilized.

  2. Create and implement recycling programs. Ensure that the employees in your hotels and who run your business are well aware of the procedures being implemented with training and clear guidelines.

  3. Partner up with a liquidation company. Companies like us at North Coast Hotel Liquidation specialize in removing and reselling liquidated hotel furniture. Trust the experts!

  4. Contribute to local organizations. Local charities and non-profits are a great place to donate your surplus furniture.

  5. Report and monitor your company's impact. You'll want to celebrate the environmental benefits your company can achieve.

You and your company can make a difference by creating recycling programs and implementing a liquidation strategy. If you are in the Cleveland area and ready to work with a liquidation service, we’ve got your back at North Coast Hotel Liquidation. 

Since 1986, North Coast Hotel Liquidation has proudly provided hotels all over the country with our turn-key hospitality-focused services. As specialists in hotel furniture, fixtures, and equipment removal, liquidation, and wholesale across the nation, our dedicated team is ready to help you keep up with your maintenance and energy efficiency goals. After making room for new FF&E our project management team helps receive product locally, inventory, store, deliver, and install. Get in touch with us today to learn more and make sure to keep up with us here on our blog for more helpful resources!

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