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  • Jeff Ashwill

It all started with toilet paper!

Updated: May 4, 2020

In the spring of 1985, after about a ten year run working for a couple RV dealerships, I found myself in a new position selling distressed items for an insurance salvage company. I had sold a dozen cases of lightly smoke damaged toilet paper to the local Holiday Inn in Lorain County. 

As fate may have it, later that year I received a call from the Holiday Inn General Manager, who had kept my business card. He explained that they were planning on renovating 220 guestrooms starting in the fall and needed someone to remove all of the furnishings from the existing rooms. Myself, my boss at the salvage company, and Larry Gould, who was leasing an office in our building, decided to go in on a three way deal!! 

After the three month project came to an end, we realized that this could possibly become a successful venture. We also found that there were not a lot of people doing hotel liquidation. We did three more hotel jobs, and then in May of 1986, Larry and I decided to start the business. I was 26 years old, recently married, and Northcoast was off and running!

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